In 1964, Bob Dylan released the famous album and its title track The Times They are a-Changin as a deliberate attempt to create an anthem of change for the time. The song hit home for many of us who were struggling with changes in a society which was later identified as the Sixties. The Sixties denoted complex inter-related cultural and political trends around the globe.

Sound familiar? Fast forward 56 years to 2020, and here we are dealing with very complex medical, inter-related cultural and political issues. History repeats itself. Today, not only are we still faced with inter-related cultural and political issues, we find ourselves in the midst of a life-threatening health issue: A World Wide Pandemic.

We are struggling once again with changing times. Times we have very little control over with the exception of us each taking 100% responsibility for protecting ourselves in a fight against a deadly novel virus called COVID-19.

What once was a handy thing to have in case it’s needed has become something we need now because our life depends upon it! I’m referring to “sanitizer.” We rarely needed a face mask in the USA unless we worked in a hospital or were exposed to a deadly illness. Some of us may remember wearing a mask during the SARS scare of 2003. Both infectious, contagious diseases, COVID-19 and SARS, are viruses affecting the upper respiratory system. We know many largely populated areas wear face masks daily to protect against a highly polluted environment.

Yes, the times have changed, and now we depend upon sanitizer and face masks to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. We each have no choice; we must protect ourselves from the negative outcomes associated with a novel corona virus; an illness with horrible side-effects, and the possibility of death.

The COVID-19 identified in late 2019 has taken over the world. The worldwide pandemic was announced on March 12, 2020 by the World Health Organization. On June 29, 2020 WHO marked the six-month anniversary of the COVID-19 outbreak. Here’s the video they published to show how WHO has responded.