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Toprosan™ 75% alcohol hand sanitizer is FDA approved to kill all known viruses, bacteria and fungi — it follows the FDA formula to quickly kill the corona virus COVID-19. If your sanitizer doesn’t say it can do this, it means you’re not protected, and you’re using an inferior product!

Toprosan™ Sanitizer is used at home to protect their families, and at companies for industrial use to protect their employees from harmful and deadly Bacteria & new Viruses such as the corona virus.  Toprosan™ Sanitizer from The Sanitizer Company, when used correctly and used often, can protect anyone from the infectious viral agents spread on hands and surfaces from other infected people.

The Sanitizer Company, Toprosan™ sanitizer proudly follows the highest standard of quality and uses the United States CDC Sanitizer standard’s recommended 75% Hydroxyethane Antiseptic (C2H5OH), which is proven to kill all known bacteria and viruses including the novel corona virus to keep your family or your co-workers safe without using any soap and water.   Toprosan™ is a pure Antiseptic Disinfectant Sanitizer!

Toprosan™ sanitizer is also proudly 100% environmentally friendly 100% vegan, Eco-friendly, sustainable, organic and healthcare essential.  Shop Online at Sanitizer.co.  We stock Toprosan™ Sanitizer products and personal protective equipment (PPE) at Sanitizer.co

Toprosan™ to Protect & Sanitize

Toprosan™ Product Line: FDA Approved 75% Ethyl Alcohol Liquid Sanitizer is FDA Registered NDC Number 80149-001, Organic Essential Scented Oils, and Vegan Moisture Hand & Body Lotion. Toprosan™ Products are: Vegan, Plant-Based, All-Natural, Biodegradable, Organic, Carbon Neutral and Sustainable.

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