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Toprosan™ products are vegan; they contain no animal products, and they are not tested on animals.  Toprosan™ liquid sanitizer is FDA approved, unscented and has a high 75% alcohol content to kill all known bacteria and viruses — including the corona virus COVID-19.  Contents are vegan, Eco-friendly and biodegradable derived from natural plant-based sources to support ecologically sustainable systems. Create a signature scent of Toprosan™ by using a few drops of essential oil “With” Toprosan™ liquid sanitizer. “After” using Toprosan™ sanitizer use a Toprosan™ moisturizing lotion to minimize dry skin.

Toprosan™ Product Line: FDA Approved 75% Ethyl Alcohol Liquid Sanitizer is FDA Registered NDC Number 80149-001, Organic Essential Scented Oils, and Vegan Moisture Hand & Body Lotion. Toprosan™ Products are: Vegan, Plant-Based, All-Natural, Biodegradable, Organic, Carbon Neutral and Sustainable.


Toprosan™ vegan lotion is a moisturizing cream to apply “After” using Toprosan 75% alcohol-based sanitizer.   Alcohol leaves the skin sanitized and can also leave the surface of skin feeling dry. The plant-based moisturizing hand and body lotion minimizes dryness “After” using alcohol-based Toprosan™ sanitizer. The contents of “After” Toprosan™ vegan moisturizing lotions do not contain any chemicals associated with California Proposition 65.  Use daily, after soap and water washing, after using alcohol-based sanitizer, or  whenever skin feels dry.   A little dab is enough, and it will help keep your dry skin soft with moisturizer.  Après (After) Toprosan™ convenient small sizes are designed to carry with you where ever you go, home, office, work, play, school, travel, etc. 


Toprosan™ essential oils are all-natural organic and 100% plant-based extracted from natural plants/seeds/fruits using the methods of steam distillation cold press depending on the features of the plants. Essential Oils are used widely in aromatherapy and as organic, natural additives for cosmetics, lotions, perfumes and skin treatments. Their fragrances range from light, sweet, fresh citrus varieties to deeper, earthy, organic scents. Many essential oils have been used in traditional medicine for centuries in old-world Africa, Asia and Europe.   Many essential oils have defense mechanisms to fight bacteria, and they work as an anti-inflammatory to moisturize and soothe dry skin. Other essential oils aid in repelling insects, help reduce stress, have calming properties, relieve pain and help stimulate energy.  Toprosan™ created a variety of essential oils used in skin products bringing you aromas to create a signature scent when used “With” unscented liquid Toprosan™ sanitizer.

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