My name is Anna.

How serendipitous — my name created s’Anna-tizer!

It made me smile.

My life has been an interesting journey entwined with fun, love, good old-fashioned values, a strong work ethic, family, separation, travel, education, partnership, childbirth, training, communications, self-actualization, heartache, service, entrepreneurship, volunteerism, aging, and as of this moment, surviving a worldwide pandemic.

The details of my life can be summed up in six words: “I have NO regrets or complaints.”

For Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020, my son gave me the Domain Name “” By May 10th, I had been sheltering-in-place for 59 days. My son knew a project of this magnitude would be a game-changer, occupy my free time, and make a difference in the fight against COVID-19. Without hesitation, I joined the fight!

Welcome to This is my contribution in the fight against COVID-19!

It’s a new world. Our world, as we knew it, will be experienced differently. We will create new survival habits including habitual use of sanitizer, wearing face masks, social-distancing and sheltering-in-place. We will be quick & nimble in our response to change, and we will do more with less because the need for “essentials” gave us a new perspective. Our social life, work life and personal life will transform into a renewed sense of appreciation like we’ve never felt before.

And, I am grateful…

  • I’m grateful for my friends who own factories making sanitizer, masks and personal protective equipment — they guaranteed me an endless supply of whatever you need!
  • I’m grateful for my technical friends — they are helping me build this website so you’ll have access to the things you need to stay safe, and I’ll do my very best to offer the lowest possible prices.
  • I’m grateful for having a supportive loving network of neighbors, friends and family members — you are the people I thought of when the decision was made to create this website. I want you all to stay healthy and safe!
  • And, last but certainly not least, I’m so very grateful for having a smart, loving son who knew the Domain Name “” would give my life an enhanced sense of intention and purpose — you are my life’s masterpiece.

Together, we will survive the current situation, and when we look back, collectively we will be a stronger, a wiser and a more loving society.