Unlike all humans, sanitizers are NOT all created equal!

Brainstorming with a friend today about life, love and the pursuit of sanitizer, she said, “You should show a comparison chart on Sanitizer.co of other sanitizers being sold that do NOT have 75% alcohol!” BAM! I had one of those eye-opening moments. Why didn’t I think of that?

My friends have been telling me to express the fact Toprosan™ 75% alcohol sanitizer kills all known viruses and bacteria. It’s like liquid dynamite to COVID-19.

So, I spent part of the afternoon searching Google, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and reading, reading and reading. I was literally shocked. I must’ve gasped for air twenty times! I had to get up from the computer and walk around scratching my head! Have people actually been believing all this time if it says, “sanitizer” it actually sanitizes?

WOW! What an eye-opener and realization to discover most of the sanitizer sold in the drug stores and at Amazon, Walmart, Bath and Body Works and Target have very little if any alcohol content. Therefore, they don’t protect at all – ZERO – ZIP – NADA!

Here’s the facts from my friend the Doctor, Scientist, and probably one of the smartest guys I know….. Dr. Steven Roffers in Palm Springs, California. Dr Roffers said, “Sanitizer made with Ethyl or Isopropyl Alcohol kills bacteria. At 75% alcohol, it kills viruses, bacteria and fungi.” Let that sink in for a minute.

So, all the sanitizer with alcohol 70% or less may kill bacteria, but it does NOT kill viruses!!!! As a matter of fact, the infamous Purel with lawsuits pending for its “kills 99.99% germs” claim flew off the shelves when COVID-19 hit, and guess what? Purel doesn’t do anything to kill viruses!

In a way, it’s sad to think everyone got scammed buying ineffective sanitizer thinking what they purchased kept them safe. Now, the truth is out. Everyone needs to know the best sanitizer to buy, use and give to your loved ones is Toprosan™! And, you’re in luck because all you have to do is click right HERE for the best vegan 75% alcohol sanitizer Made in the USA!

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