How could it NOT be airborne? If there’s an infected person in the room, anything emitting from the infected person can easily enter another person! Seems like everything contagious is airborne: the flu, a cold, pneumonia, etc. Why wouldn’t the corona virus be airborne?

We’ve been told our entire life, “If you’re sick, stay home.” Why? Because we don’t want to make others sick. If a virus is contagious then it’s likely the corona virus is in the air making others sick. If it wasn’t, why are all the bars, restaurants and gatherings canceled? If it wasn’t in the air why do we wear a mask?

I tend to lean on the side of the “yes, COVID-19 is airborne.” The corona virus can be carried in the air through droplets emitted from a sick person’s cough or sneeze. Therefore, the corona-virus is borne through air and can infect people when inhaled. Right? Makes sense to me!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there’s unsubstantiated evidence surrounding the possibility of the corona virus being airborne. Some scientists and doctors say COVID-19 is airborne and others say the corona virus is not and can be controlled by hand washing.

Common sense tells me the corona virus traveling through the air and entering another person making them ill is considered airborne.

What to do….

Recently, bar and restaurants re-opened, and they were asked to follow guidelines mandated by the State. Many of the local establishments became relaxed, and people did not wear face masks or use social distancing. After a few weeks, it was announced there were an increase in reported COVID-19 cases. Hospital ICU areas were filled and needed more space.

Soon following this announcement, restaurants and bars were posting on social media about the contagious corona virus found in their businesses. Deep cleaning and sanitizing the areas were done, and most of the re-opened bars and restaurants closed again.

Now we wait for either the second wave, the perfect vaccine, or a shift in the way we protect ourselves from this horrible virus. It’s probably going to be around for awhile.