Making your own all-natural air freshener using 100% plant based essential scented oils is easy, convenient and cost-effective. We suggest using all-natural ingredients to create organic air freshener. Toprosan™ products are vegan, Eco-friendly, organic, carbon-neutral and biodegradable derived from natural plant-based sources to support ecologically sustainable systems.

This is our personal recipe we’ve used for many years. It’s 100% organic, sprays easily, dries quickly, and smells divine!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Liquid alcohol-based sanitizer
Scented plant based essential oil(s)
Spray bottle

We made air freshener today. Here’s what we used:

1 empty spray sanitizer bottle
1 part 75% ethyl alcohol unscented liquid sanitizer
1 part water
Several drops of three scented oils: Sweet Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit

We use an empty spray sanitizer bottle for our air freshener because it’s a great way to recycle the empty bottle, and it works perfectly providing a fine mist spray. I usually wait until the spray bottle of liquid alcohol based sanitizer has the right amount of liquid left inside the bottle to make a new bottle of air freshener. Reusing empty or almost empty alcohol liquid sanitizer spray bottles saves money not having to purchase spray bottles. So, please start saving your empty spray sanitizer bottles for air freshener.

The amount of scented oil used is your choice. Because we’ve been making our own air freshener for a very long time, it’s easy to make based on our scense of smell. We tend to be heavy on the scented oil(s) used because we like a stronger scent. We’ve also found the more oil we use in the solution, the less we need to spray in the air!

Sometimes we make enough air freshener to keep a bottle in every room, and sometimes we make a different scent for each of the rooms. Whenever we make a bottle, we color code the bottle using permanent markers so we know which scents are inside the air freshener bottle. The photo attached shows three colored dots: Orange, Yellow and Purple. This tells me the air freshener was made with Sweet Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit essential scented oils. Create your own labeling technique as a reminder of what’s inside the bottle.

There are many favored combinations of essential scented oils for air freshener. Experiment for yourself to create your own signature scented air freshener. Here are a few of our favorite combinations of scented oils to use when making air freshener:

Plus, we also make air freshener using one scented oil because they all smell exactly like their name and have different characteristics. Depending upon what we want, the essential oils provide unique characteristics as an air freshener:

These essential scented oils provide a more heavy, earthy scented air freshener:

These essential scented oils provide a citrus scented air freshener:

  • Sweet Orange
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit

These essential scented oils provide a wild flower scented air freshener:

  • Lavender
  • Vanilla

These essential scented oils provide a menthol scented air freshener:

Spray the air freshener in the air and not directly on fabrics, furniture or any other objects. We also do not spray the air freshener inside a room where our pets are located. My two dogs follow me around the house. Before spraying any type of air freshener, I always ask the dogs to leave the room. Some scented oils can irritate a dog’s nostrils. Be kind to your pets, do not spray air freshener where they are located.

Do you have a favorite recipe for making air freshener using essential scented oils? If so, please share your recipe in the comments below…