Alcohol kills microbes. The higher the alcohol content, the more lethal it becomes!

Any sanitizer made with alcohol kills bacteria. At 75% alcohol, sanitizer kills all known viruses, bacteria and fungi. The higher the alcohol content the more damage it will do to annoying microbes causing illness and disease. At 80% alcohol, sanitizer becomes medical grade. Hospitals are required to use 80% alcohol medical grade sanitizer.

Hands are one of the main vehicles for the traveling viruses making us sick. Keep your hands clean using soap and water, but when soap and water is not available, a high alcohol content sanitizer will do the trick.

Don’t waste your money on a low alcohol content hand sanitizer because there’s no proof it kills viruses. It may attack a bacteria, but if you’re looking for protection from a disinfectant, your best bet is a sanitizer with at least 75% alcohol mixed with peroxide. The combination of these two ingredients are found in many of the EPA approved disinfectant wipes.

There’s a distinction between what the EPA and FDA approve. Hand sanitizers, antiseptic washes and antibacterial soaps are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates surface disinfectants, including surface wipes.

Toprosan 75% Alcohol Sanitizer is FDA approved, and it is made in an FDA approved facility. Sanitizer is considered a drug. Toprosan has a FDA registered National Drug Code (NDC) number identifying it as an FDA approved drug.