Twelve years ago I started selling on Amazon. First, the Mouse Hand Warmer and Heated Mouse, and later fashion accessories. In 2020 during the pandemic Toprosan products were introduced to provide sanitizer, scented oils and moisturizing lotion. It’s been an interesting journey, and although at times it’s frustrating, I’m grateful for the tenured relationship with Amazon.

Being a systems driven thinker for business ventures, I designed two websites to sell products with direct links to their product pages on Amazon. This format works by streamlining tasks and partnering with a giant. I stand on the shoulders of Amazon.

The first website established in 2008 is The first product launched was a Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch designed with a carbon fiber heating element providing infrared heat. It helps solve the cold mouse hand problem by providing a deep penetrating infrared heat. Infrared heats the object, not the air around it making it ideal for a cold mouse hand solution. Following the mouse hand warmer, a Heated Mouse was created to provide a more intense heat. When used inside the mouse hand warmer pouch, the heated mouse creates the perfect warm environment for people who suffer from the cold.

The ValueRays® (Valuable Infrared Heat Rays) Brand was created. Our customer base includes people who work in a cold environment or people who suffer from Raynaud’s, arthritis, carpal tunnel, poor circulation, and any hand ailment causing the extremities to get cold. Every product sold on is linked to its product page on Amazon.

In 2020, when the pandemic hit I ventured into new territory. For a Mother’s Day gift my son gave me the domain name www.Sanitizer.Co. Within a month or so the website was completed. It took an additional few months to obtain approvals from Amazon to sell the products listed on Santizer.Co. The Sanitizer Company was established. The Toprosan™ (To Protect and Sanitize) Brand was created. The Toprosan™ product line includes three different and distinct items that work together to protect and sanitizer and help make living through a pandemic more bearable.

Toprosan™ Product Line: FDA Approved 75% Ethyl Alcohol Liquid Sanitizer is FDA Registered NDC Number 80149-001

Hand Sanitizer :: Toprosan™ Vegan 75% FDA Approved Ethyl Alcohol Liquid Unscented Surface & Hand Sanitizer is FDA Registered NDC Number 80149-001,


Scented Essential Oils :: Avec (With) – Toprosan™ Vegan Essential Scented Oil

toprosan lotion 3 piece bundle plant based vegan all natural moisturizer moisture cream after sanitizer

Moisturizing Lotion :: Après (After) – Toprosan™ Vegan Hand Cream Moisturizing Lotion (SHEA BUTTER, 2.7 OUNCE)

The Sanitizer Company Health and Cosmetics Toprosan Hand Sanitizer Essentials Gift Set for a Basket or Box Bundle #6 (20-ITEMS)

Convenient, cost-effective Toprosan™ Sets & Bundles were created to make shopping for self and gift-giving easy. Amazon allows orders placed on their website to be shipped to the address of your choice streamlining gift-giving anytime of year; especially during the holidays.

When purchasing a product from either website all “BUY” buttons take you directly to the product’s page on Amazon. The Amazon product page includes Free Shipping (some Prime Shipping), detailed information, and a place to write a product review. Amazon allows buyers of the products listed on their site to post product reviews even if they did not purchase the product directly from Amazon. By writing an Amazon product review, your feedback can help others make the best decision; as well as help sellers improve so they can keep offering amazing Amazon products.

Wholesale is not something we’ve allowed for either of our brands: Toprosan™ and ValueRays®. If you are a reseller and are interested in a wholesale relationship with us, please send an email to or We welcome a conversation with you. Also, because buyers purchase our products on Amazon, many of them resell our products online without our knowledge. We stand behind our brands. If you purchase one of our products from someone other than us, please keep the receipt, date of purchase and cost so we can assist you if ever needed.

We appreciate all of the customers we’ve served since 2008, and we look forward to serving many more in the years to come. If you ever have a question, concern or suggestion please send a message. Many of the products we sell have been improved to meet the needs of our customers based upon the helpful emails we receive. We truly work to meet your needs.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Stay Safe and Stay Warm.