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Building this website, sourcing the personal care products, and providing shipping for people within the USA is our contribution in the fight against COVID-19.  When we do a simple thing like use sanitizer and wear a mask, we are all doing our part to combat the spread of bacteria and viruses.  The Sanitizer Company’s primary focus of work is meeting the needs of our customers.   We are here to serve you and provide high quality products at the lowest possible price.  Our products are made by reputable, trusting and honest factories in the USA and worldwide.  We have been in partnership with many of them for several years.  We hope you’ll be pleased with our products and service. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Communication is a key to success for us both.  Please contact us any time.   We enjoy hearing from you!

Toprosan™ Product Line: FDA Approved 75% Ethyl Alcohol Liquid Sanitizer is FDA Registered NDC Number 80149-001, Organic Essential Scented Oils, and Vegan Moisture Hand & Body Lotion. Toprosan™ Products are: Vegan, Plant-Based, All-Natural, Biodegradable, Organic, Carbon Neutral and Sustainable.

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"I received my package!! Thank you! Thank you! Everything arrived just fine. You did a great job packing. I already put batteries in the thermometer and used it. I love it! Thanks so much."

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