OMG! Leave it to Facebook to start a world-wide FALSE rumor about sanitizer when the world needs it the most!

I saw a post about sanitizer exploding inside a car, and honestly, it freaked me out. I have a fairly new vehicle, and I’ve kept sanitizer in the console for almost four years. Prior to that, I carried it inside my other two cars. I live in a very warm climate and temps reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. Was I just lucky? Or, was my car a ticking time bomb because … will sanitizer explode in a car?

So, my questions daily were silly self-talk sounding similar to this: will sanitizer on my hand catch fire? will sanitizer get on fire? will sanitizer explode in car? will sanitizer burn in car? Random thoughts were making me feel very uncomfortable, and I was trying to think of ways to communicate the caution to the sanitizer consumer.

Then, I read this statement in USA Today on May 26, 2020: “Experts say alcohol-based hand sanitizer is flammable, but can only ignite if a flame is introduced. Although leaving small amounts of alcohol based hand sanitizer in your car does not pose a significant fire risk, it should not be kept in vehicles because high temperatures can lower its disinfectant ability.

Sadly, I admit I believed the nonsense about “will sanitizer explode in car” although now, I rest assured keeping it inside a warm car will make it lose its effectiveness much more than it would ever make it explode. And, come to think of it…. my car doesn’t even have a cigarette lighter, and there are rarely any flames inside my car!

Speaking of flames…. we all know how difficult it is to rekindle an old flame, right? 🙂

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